Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A charwoman's tale

No time to blog yesterday so let's round up all the news from France that's fit to print.

Yesterday was a long day of mopping, sweeping etc (not in that order) followed by supervising a 'disco'. This was super dull since my lovely colleague didn't actually let me touch the DJ machine or make any decisions on what to play, but it did allow me to keep in touch with the mores of today's youth. Apparently VERY short shorts accompanied by different coloured leggings over high heels are de rigeur for the 14 year old ladies. Some of the boys persuaded us to play a song from their iPod. Didn't think Rammstein (German heavy metal) would be much of a crowd-pleaser, but they were clearly suffering with all the pop and hip-hop, so we obliged. They proceeded to (I kid you not) form lines and shoulder-barge each other violently until broken up by teachers; then lather, rinse, repeat. Weirdly, all the kids sang along to the last song of the night, 'Don't wanna miss a thing' by Aerosmith which featured in the movie Armageddon which I saw with Patrick and is thus some 9 years old (this makes me feel ancient) - how do the kiddies know it??

Today was more bins and bogs, but in the afternoon we took a spin into the nearby town of Hazebrouck, to enjoy the local Carrefour supermarket and a hot choc at a cafe. Weird thing at the supermarket - they still show prices in francs as well as euros. Which caused me to freak out at the price of plastic bags briefly until I got the idea. Come on, was that 7 years ago that they got rid of francs? Surely people have adapted to the idea by now? Cool thing at the supermarket - instead of paper tags to show the prices of goods, they have little LCD screens, oooh!

I am practically finished work now, just got to set up for breakfast tomorrow so a pretty easy day.

Oh, a note on food - we get a croissant or pain au chocolat at morning tea, a make-your-own-sandwich for lunch (today with bonus tarte aux pommes or chocolate eclair) and then dinner. Mmmmm! Lucky I'm expending tonnes of calories with all this physical labour, huh?

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