Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy trails!

Mostly inspired by my discovery that podcasts are to walking what rubber ducky is to bathtime, I've been shanks ponying it up over the last few days. Saturday was gorge gorge gorge so I headed out and walked from the Old Town of Nice, over the Colline du Chateau, around the port and along the coast up Mt Boron - all in all, about 2 hours' worth of walking, in about 15 degree heat (seriously, for the inattentive amongst you, it SNOWED a couple of weeks ago and last night I actually saw some snow still lingering on in a corner somewhere), with the sun beating down in a totally pleasant and bearable way, sparkling off the true-to-form azure sea. It was wonderful and a great reminder that living somewhere like this is the dream of a lot of people and I should get off my arse (to be fair, it has rained a lot lately) and see more of it.

Anyway, in keeping with this philosophy, I got off said arse today and took the bus to where I left off last time, at roughly the mid-point of the road around Mt Boron, and walked through Villefranche and a little bit past Beaulieu-sur-Mer, where I reluctantly gave up after about 1 1/2 hour because me wee trotters were too sore. It started out sunny but clouded over a bit as I went today.


Sea view from the hills above Villefranche. On the left is Cap Ferrat, on the right is Mt Boron

View of Villefranche from the east

View of Villefranche from the west

The coast between the port at Nice and Mt Boron

Looking towards Nice, you can see the war memorial archy-thing set into the cliff to the left of the cruise ship and snow-capped mountains in the background!

View of the Old Town from the Colline du Chateau

View of the coast from partway up Mt Boron

Looking from Villefranche towards Cap Ferrat sticking out to the right

My expertly-photoshopped route-map for those of you playing at home!


  1. Extremely impressive feat (not least the photoshopped map!). Fab photos - playground of the rich...

  2. you are indeed living in a beautiful place!!!


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