Monday, February 15, 2010

Photos Chenonceau

I am planning to put up a few more, but Blogger isn't playing ball for some reason. Unfortunately, as I think I said, my camera was pretty much done by the time I got to Paris, so there's only a few shots from the Cluny museum, and most of the million pictures I took at Chenonceau came out really badly because of the lack of flash... But anyway... Also will be uploading some photos from the SNOW day and Carnaval soon!

Side view of Chenonceau

I should have uploaded these in a different order - as I was explaining to my Mum the other day, it's hard because you're only working with little thumbnails, and they go up in reverse order i.e. the first one you click goes on the blog first and is thus last as you scroll down the page, whereas of course they are listed in correct chronological order in the computer file. Anyway, point being that you can clearly see here that the tower on the right is a separate building (actually it's the only bit left of a different castle that used to be here), whereas the picture below shows that it all cunningly looks like one building when approached from the front

Side view, so you can see how the castle extends across the Cher

Chenonceau from the front. Scaffolding is, of course, a constant and necessary plague everywhere in Europe, but at least the idea of putting a big photo of the covered-up building over it is a good one

This was the bedroom of the 5 queens or something like that - all their initials are on the ceiling, but don't know who actually slept here... The 5 queens were Catherine de Medici, Mary Queen of Scots and... I think the other 3 were daughters and daughters-in-law of Catherine

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