Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tours photos

I took like a million billion pictures in the Tours Cathedral, then another million billion in the Chateau de Chenonceau (to be uploaded later) and then hardly any in Paris cos my stupid battery was running out and stupid me didn't bring the charger. Installment number one of photos, will try to blog the rest of the trip and upload more soonish.

I think this is the Palais de Justice in Tours, but might be something else. Maybe the Hotel de Ville, actually?

Medieval buildings in Tours' old town

Arrggh! Monster!

There was a goat in the kebab shop!! I'm not sure if it had been a very good little goat and was being taken on an outing, or a very bad little goat and being shown where it would end up if it didn't mend its naughty ways.
PS Check out the short, shoes & socks and hairy leg combo. Classy and seasonally inappropriate!

Fountain in Place Jean Jaurès. There's a Rue Jean Jaurès in Nice... Wikipedia, who dat? A: A socialist leader and pacifist who was assassinated at the beginning of WWI. There are a number of these French historical figures who seem to get a street or something named after them in every city. I've seen my good mate Félix Faure pop up elsewhere too, to give one example.

This cracked me up. You probably can't see, but it's a photo of a sculpture and the sign below says something like 'Donated by M. XXX, sculpteur, Tours'. Like, did he donate the actual sculpture, or (as this picture makes it look), did he just take a photo of a sculpture and donate that, because if so, well-played sir. In St Martin's Basilica, Tours.

Are these flying buttresses? They look pretty cool in any case

The front of the cathedral in Tours

The back of the cathedral - anyone else confused as to why you can't see the spires from the front side? Pretty sure they're way taller...

Someone getting attacked by a spade in one of the medieval stained-glass windows

Dude on the right is totally coming on to the shocked saint on the left. As my Mum pointed out, he's either trying to lure him to the above spading, or that was revenge for having his advances rejected...

Light from the windows hitting the pillars, so pretty!

Jesus totally doing a 'woohoo' about the resurrection


Cathedral interior

The ceiling of the... apse? Nave? Whatevs

Altar in front of windows

One of the 19th Century windows

This might be 12th Century, it might be 14th, I don't really remember. But it's one of the old ones

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