Monday, February 15, 2010

Nice sous la neige! (And not sous la neige)

Well it has already snowed once in Nice this season, but this time it came not like Jesus (aka a thief in the night), but right in the middle of the day - AND it had the courtesy to do it while I was equipped with my new camera Santy Claus brought me! Yay! Now I know there are people out there in the world at the moment who have been almost literally up to their eyeballs with snow, and they might not get the excitement, but I'm from a place where it doesn't snow, and, while I've seen it before, I still think it's pretty damn cool. And it's got to get a little extra caché for snowing in the fricking French Riviera, non?

So I rushed (as fast as the sloooow bus with a sticking back door would take me) down to the beach, because I was hoping to get some cool pics of snow on it, but noooo it didn't settle anywhere down in the town. Up in C-mizzle where I live, however, we got a semi-impressive haul that lasted until Saturday or maybe even yesterday.

Below the snow pictures are some more pictures of Nice that I've been meaning to get around to posting, mix of snaps from when my family were here and ones I've taken out and about in the town. I still couldn't get the pics from Paris to load (there are ones from Chenonceau below if you scroll down though...) In honour of Mardi Gras tomorrow I'll probably post my photos from Carnaval on Saturday night - so much fun!

The snow starts falling on the neighbours' garden

It's snowing at the beach! (Trust me, it is)

At the beach again

Snowflakes on me! Face removed due to the fact that I looked about 12 years old. It is beginning to seem like a good thing that one of the receptionists at school constantly tries to send me around the back (student) entrance though! I may have made that comment before... once you get to my advanced age you start treasuring these moments, ha!

Snowy tree on Allée Miles Davis in my park

Form 2 science taught me something - my uber-scientific snow gauge on my balcony hit over 8 cms before it started to melt (and yep, my bank gave me a ruler, score!)

Snow in 'my' park

Snow-covered palm tree

The next day - bright and sunny and still snowy!

The waterfall on the Colline du Chateau

Roman arena at Cimiez

The Roman ruins in Cimiez

The Palais de Justice in Old Town

Narrow streets in Old Nice

Cathedral in Nice

This is too dark to see really, but I had to take a pic of my neighbour-across-the-way's living (?) room, as for some reason they have a purple light (permanently, not just for 'disco night'). And they sit in there with the shades up all night watching TV (I can't see them, but I can see the light of the TV) WITH the purple light still on - isn't that annoying?

Meh and Peh on the hill with the Baie des Anges in the background

Me & my bro on a night out in Nice

Mum & me in Roman mode up at the ruins in Cimiez

Me & Mum on the Colline du Chateau

At the Cours Saleya Flower Market

My 'rents on the Promenade des Anglais with the Colline du Chateau in the background

Looking down on Old Town from the hill

Ze beach

The Baie des Anges from the hill - my parents were unfortunately here during a run of drizzly, overcast weather, but I suppose it is winter after all!

The cemetery up on the castle hill

Video of the snow falling! Nice big juicy flakes as well. Btw, that "la la la" isn't me, I couldn't figure out where it came from and I finally remembered I was watching Project Runway on my laptop at the time, ha. Still, not a bad soundtrack!

Snow at the beach - and what are actually some pretty angry waves by Nice standards! Possibly of interest to my brother...


  1. That photo of Paul is a shocker!

  2. I think he looks fine, we both need a tan though!

  3. Agreed you both look pale, but it doesn't even look like Paul (he looks 45 for a start!) Glad you didn't put the terrible ones of me that you have plenty of! xxx

  4. I also don't know whether or not I'm smiling crooked or my lipstick is all wrong! But it's weird people here keep remarking on my 'pale/white skin' and I'm like - my whole life people have said pretty much the opposite! Bring on summer!


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