Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Vence & Cagnes photos

Photos from Vence & Cagnes-sur-Mer (as requested :D). They didn't come out that great... hard to capture the atmosphere of dark, narrow alleys and lots of stone buildings, but, well, enjoy anyway I hope

The Matisse chapel in Vence - simple outside and in

Doorway in the old town, Vence. Maybe you can't tell, but it was significantly shorter than I am

Medieval house in Vence - note the overhanging upper storey

Nativity scene in the 11th-12th century Vence cathedral. I included this a) to demonstrate to my Mum that shock! horror! the laws of Epiphany have been disobeyed b) because it's supposed to be a model of the old town and c) because (you can't really see, but trust me) there is a sign saying that the nativity scene is under video surveillance. That's right, they thought about it and decided that the Chagall mosaic, the Roman sarcophagus and the Carolingian sculpted plaques could look after themselves, but the nativity MUST be protected.

Street in old Vence - hmmm, upon reflection this maybe looks pretty much exactly the same as a photo from Cagnes I uploaded below...

View of Vence from the bus

View *from* Vence of some hills

Alley in the medieval city, Cagnes. LOOK at that old ceiling, amazing!

This just looked too 'year in Provence-y' not to photograph - *cough* all shops in France are this picturesque and old-worldy

The Grimaldi Chateau in Cagnes

A faded (effaced?) crest on a wall next to the chateau

Vine-covered houses in Cagnes' old town

A reminder that the "villages perchés" - perched villages - of the area were built up on the hilltops in a (not always successful) attempt to resist Saracen raids

Street in the medieval bourg at Cagnes

The city wall in the Bourg Médiéval at Cagnes sur Mer

Renoir's garden with the old city in the background

Close up of the view of the old city framed by olive branches

Renoir's house with one of 'his' sculptures outside

A reproduction of one of Renoir's paintings (displayed inside) in front of the spot depicted


  1. Fantastic photos!

  2. Can you take some sneaky pics of actual Frenches? Pretend you are taking more of some walls or doors or whatever, and take some of real people so we can peer at them in all their mysterious chicness. :)

  3. Ha ha funnily enough I really wanted to take a photo of this old French guy sitting out in the sun on his front step wearing a bow tie, but there really wasn't any decoy points of interest so thought it would be a bit obvious if I started snapping away! As you can see, the streets are delightfully mainly devoid of tourists at the moment, but I will try to get some genuine Frenchies in frame just for you. xx

  4. tres gentile! x


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