Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Beast

Here's the home invader with hate in its heart, ready to kill your mother as soon as look at you aka Crazy-eyed Killah :

And if you think I'm being unfair by putting a photo up with demon-flash eyes, here's another one:

Seriously, would you not be scared if this thing was in your apartment, frothing at the mouth to murder you and rape your kitty children? Okay, maybe I'm being a tad melodramatic, but I'm still scared of the thing when he's safely behind a pane of glass...


  1. He looks just like my cat, Nacho! You must have the evil twin though cause my kitty doesn't froth at the mouth or threaten to murder me in my sleep... yet!

    (my word verification is "fleavor".. that seems somehow cat-appropriate!)

  2. Ha ha, no offence Nacho! I didn't think he looked evil either until he tried to kill me :) Is your cat that big though? (Not sure if you can actually tell from the photo anyway, but this cat is massive!)

  3. This cat is the twin of your mutant and exhibits the same behaviour.

  4. You've mistakenly put a photo of Button as the second one!

  5. No, he doesn't look like Button other than being stripey. I forget the word for that

  6. Lets put it like this what cat claws you at any time on a whim, looks evil, acfts evil and odes evil. Your mutant thats who!


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