Friday, October 15, 2010

This & that

I have been uber-slack with posting lately, but seriously, nothing interesting has been going on! BUT, I have my cousin visiting next week, which is very exciting because I've met her one time & that was 6 years ago (she's Canadian), so I'm really looking forward to getting to know her a little better. Then I go to Venice, or at least I really really hope I do - I'm getting anxious that there will be transportation strikes. There is another strike scheduled next Tuesday, they seem to be one a week right now, but who knows what the sitch will be by then. I will be really devastated if I can't go though, partly because it will be quite a bit of money down the drain, guessing Easyjet doesn't refund for train strike cancellations & I would lose at least the first night's cost of the hotel room, but also because I'm really looking forward to it!

I mostly posted because I had lunch with my boss today because she wanted to practice her English. I was a bit nervous that it would be awkward or we wouldn't understand each other or something, but it was actually really nice, I think I got to get to know her a bit and vice versa & I finally got to say that YES, I would really like to stay in my job if the government funding comes through (let's all cross our fingers). And she said they were lucky to find me :) We went to an Italian restaurant in the mall near work, and surprise surprise, it was really nice - even mall restaurants are good in France eh! We had three courses, terminating in a trio of gorgeous chocolate desserts for me - chocolate mousse topped with caramel, gianduja icecream and hot chocolate fondant, heavenly! AND wine - you don't normally get that over a working lunch in NZ! On the way there I said "Yes" quite loudly while we were walking behind a couple of women and they turned around and STARED at me. Like, not just "oh, English, weird" but full-on 5 second stare, it was rigolo (funny) as we say in France. Yeah, okay, I don't work in a touristy area, but speaking English is not like having two heads!

Other news of note, I bought a new dress, oh so pretty! I had actually tried it on weeks ago and it was a smidgeon tight across the chest but they didn't have my size. Popped in yesterday & there it was, very pleased & I wore it today. And the really big newsflash is that I also found comfortable, non-stretch material, non-body hugging track pants. IN FRANCE! It's definitely too cold for shorts now, so I really was looking for them, but was only finding lycra or other stretchy numbers. Okay, I realise there are people out there who want to flaunt it, but seriously the LAST thing I want is people being able to see the exact contours of my arse while I'm working out. Oversized comfort all the way! Plus I will probably be living in them around the apartment as well. Tempted to get another pair, but while they're totally worth it for one pair, they are 20 euros, so I might just wait for the UK to get another pair for a few pounds.

Hopefully more exciting things to report next time, for now it's off to the gym in my trackie daks!

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