Monday, October 25, 2010

She - she my cousin

I hope Ranch reads this, because probably no-one else in the world will get the reference in the title...

Anyway, my cousin Kaelyn turned up on Friday afternoon, after a pretty miraculously trouble-free trip from Paris. So far we haven't done a lot, but there's been good food and wine once more.

On Friday night we headed to the same restaurant that I went to with Jess - La Souris Gourmande, featuring cheese, cheese, and more cheese. We went for the special, which was called 'The Golden Mountain' and which turned out to be a huge wheel of special sheep's cheese from the Pyrenees, only available for a few months a year (I love the idea of 'seasonal' cheese), baked in the oven and then served with a plate of deli meats, potatoes and salad each, plus bread of course. The cheese was all hot and runny and you just spooned it on to whatever concoction of food you had assembled. Mmmm. After that, I thought we were going to see a movie, but turned out I had the wrong day, so we just headed down the road to an Irish pub where we ran into a few people I knew and stayed for a few ciders.

After a lateish start, Saturday was just spent wandering around the town showing Kaelyn a few of the sights of Tours, followed by an evening spent snacking on bread, cheese and dips and a big salad composed of stuff we bought at the market and polishing off a bottle of wine each, before we went to the late movie with a couple of friends. Then it was back to the same pub for drinks with a few other people who had already seen the movie (The Social Network - pretty good actually, although it kind of makes you want to quit Facebook!)

On Sunday I had to get up early to watch the F1, after not very much sleep at all. Which was not worth it since the start was rain-delayed and then run behind the safety car for ages, so like the other week, I could have slept in for about 1 1/2 hours more and not missed anything! When it finally did get going it was a pretty great race though! Anyway, I was pretty tired after that & being Sunday there wasn't a whole lot to do, so we headed out for a nice lunch - 3 courses for 13 euros, you can really get some good bargains on fixed-price menus, especially at lunch! Then Kaelyn wanted to watch the Liverpool match, so after a bit more walking around town (another great sunny day) we went to the SAME Irish pub, where we didn't actually manage to see the game, but got talking to a group of English & Scottish people who turned out to be current English assistants, so that was pretty cool!

I was exhausted by the time we got back & fell asleep at around 8 pm which is pretty much how I stayed for the next 12 hours! So, not super exciting, but a nice weekend!


  1. Another drunken cheese nightmared weekend by the sound of things. No wonder that you hallucinate about giant cats outside your room!

  2. I have to try this cheese restaurant, it sounds amazing!

    And re: giant killer cat picture, that thing is enormous! I would have freaked out too!


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