Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fast times in Tours

Have been busy/exhausted this week, working all day and hanging out with Kaelyn my cousin at night, but it's been lots of fun! Tomorrow I go to Venice, good news is that thus far it looks like everything is going to be running on time, so fingers crossed. The Easyjet site is predicting a lot of flight disruption for next week, not too sure if that's only leaving France or coming in as well, but frankly, as long as I make it to Venice I don't care too much! Forecast is rain, rain and more rain in Venice, so I'm hoping it doesn't flood too.

Here's some photos from Kaelyn's visit & more to follow after tonight (raclette night!).

Kaelyn has seen the cat and will confirm that he is possessed! Here's a good shot illustrative of that fact. He's fricking huge!

Okay, I promise not to post any more pics of the cat, at least not for a while.

Me and Kaelyn out for a drink. I kind of look like my boob is in a sling, but eh well.

Me and my friend Liz enjoying a bevvy, I look like I'm up to no good as usual

Kaelyn on the banks of the Loire

Kaelyn and one of our cats, Chausettes (the non-pee-er)

Not the best picture, but I just really like this building. It's an old clothes storage place that looks like it was built in the 30s or something. They gutted it just recently, unfortunately I didn't get a photo beforehand, hope they build a sympathetic new façade!

The cathedral at night, and a full moon

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  1. Good grief - that cat really is huge!!!! And it is REALLY determined to get in - scarey! You'll have to get your cats fixed!!!!


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