Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Doing theses at work again - here's an example of Australia's finest... Btw, I checked, the mistake is in the original, not the cataloguing. Cringe!

Talking of work, we had a meeting the other day where my boss reported back that the policy is that everyone on short-term contracts (like almost all of us in my department) be fired after 3 years. What the hell kind of way is that to run an organization? I may have said this before, but just remember that if you ever hear people going on about French bureaucrats having a sweet job for life and then retiring at age 40, sigh...

I signed the lease for the new place this morning, yay! Now waiting to hear when I can move in, it's empty but they are finishing up some renovations. Soon I hope!

Thanks again for everyone's kind words and support, on the blog and in 'real life'. Special big ups to my sister for being my guarantor and my parents for helping me out on the financial side, love you xxx


  1. Wotch it girl - I did my thesis in an Australain universitty and it never did my spelinge or punktuasian eny arm.

  2. Does the three-year-limit policy also preclude your being converted to permanent status before the end?

  3. Dad - I think it undermines your entire degree, sorry!

    Ksam - thanks!

    Ricky B! - That's the entire point, to make sure people don't come within striking distance of the point where they are legally obliged to give you a permanent contract :(


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