Thursday, July 07, 2011

Hate French bureaucracy so much!

Took Monday off due to stress/lack of sleep/not wanting to go to work. Yesterday the secretary called me up to say now people on contracts have to file their own paperwork with the government for sick days. So, not only do people on contracts officially get no job security (and, as I've discovered, no-one wants to rent to you, let alone give you a mortgage or whatever), fewer perks, lower salaries, and presumably fewer retirement benefits etc., but now we have to do our own goddamn paperwork as well! It's so unfair! It wouldn't be so bad, but I asked for my social security account to be moved from Nice to Tours a full nine months ago (more than that actually, but nine months ago was when I gave them the last of the paperwork they needed), I've been into see them two or three times since, and they haven't done it yet. So that means all this time I haven't been able to claim reimbursement for medical costs, I haven't been able to declare a primary care doctor, and now I don't know what to do with this paperwork. It's effing ridiculous, hate this place.

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