Saturday, July 02, 2011

Lounge lizards

Just back from my two apartment viewings. I said I would take the first place, but just heard they rented it to someone else, quite upset about that. So right now I have nothing else lined up, other than the very dirty place which does have some advantages, but price isn't one of them.

Now, the second one... This was flatting with one other girl. On the face of it, it's a nice place, not my ideal neighbourhood, but nicely decorated etc. and cheap. So the woman shows me around - bedroom first, then kitchen and bathroom and then we went into the flatmate's room, where I tried to engage her in conversation and pretty much got nowhere. Then the landlady asked what I thought of the place.

Me: "Um, can I see the living room?" (Which we had already walked past)
Her: (Seriously acts as if it's the most absurd question she's heard in her life) "Oh no, the living room's not for you. The ad said a bedroom, it didn't say anything about a living room, it was very clear on that point."
Me: (Confused) "Oh. So... you live here too?"
Her: "No, we don't live here, we come and use the living room about once a month. The rest of the time it's kept locked" (!!!) "Oh no, we would charge much more if you got a living room too, that would be three rooms - a bedroom, kitchen, and living room - you could charge 700 euros for that!"
A bit later...
Her: "Even though the ad only says bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, you get to use the corridor" (Are you sure? You could probably charge a toll for walking through there you know.)

Firstly, that's what I have now, and I definitely don't pay 700 euros - maybe I would if it was for me alone, but it's called flatting lady. Secondly - WTF, is this the fricking Secret Garden of living rooms? You keep a room under lock and key in someone else's home, you come to use it when you fancy (WHY do you want to sit in a living room in someone else's home?) and the rest of the time you'd rather it sat empty than got used by the people actually living there? Are you insane? And do you not see that being "very clear" in the ad would actually involve saying "there IS a living room, but we keep it locked up and reserved for our personal use, and expect to be able to come round to your home for chillaxing purposes whenever, because we're nuts", not just not mentioning it at all!


  1. You should write a comic novel! Good to see the funny side. That's as bad as the other place where the middle-aged man landlord thought he could come and sleep on the couch when he was in town...

  2. It could be worse, e.g. the toilet and bathroom is only available to non-residents.


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