Friday, July 01, 2011

More flat stuff

Just got back from an appointment with the agent to talk over what's going to happen with my current apartment etc. She didn't flat-out say that I couldn't find a flatmate and stay here, but she was so discouraging that she might as well have (I would have to find someone whose two parents would both agree to be guarantors for the entire rent, she wouldn't accept my parents as guarantors for me, whoever I found would have to agree to sign a lease only until the end of April when my contract is up and to move out early if I moved out etc.) So I just feel like it's not even worth trying. On a positive note, she said I could meet her again on the 11th of July and let her know whether I would be staying for the month of August - if I do, I only have to pay my share of the rent. However, the electricity and so on might be a problem. I gave her a rent cheque for June and July, which she's waiting till the 11th to either cash or give back to me, depending on whether it turns out that G's parents have paid the whole rent for those months or not (she's still waiting for their cheques to come through). So that at least gives me a little more time, albeit not much for making that decision. I have an apartment viewing tomorrow that I like the look of on paper, and that's available on the 1st of August, so it would be perfect - I leave for the Ukraine on the 2nd, so would have a bit of stress moving everything and packing etc. and then coming back to chaos and perhaps no electricity after my holiday, but at least I'm not at work.

Oh and just to prove this whole thing is the gift that keeps on giving, she asked about whether I would be willing to show prospective tenants around our place. I'm not too keen on people coming and gawking about my flat to begin with, but I'm even less keen on having that to deal with the appointments and keeping the flat super clean on top of trying to go to work and sort out finding my own flat. I said that I thought she should take that up with G, and she said she would call her first, and then me "but G often doesn't answer her phone". Geez, in that case maybe I should not answer my phone either, obviously being responsible hasn't done me a lot of favours thus far!

So wish me luck for this place tomorrow - it's only one room (plus kitchen, so they get away with calling it a one-bedroom instead of a studio) but it has a balcony and a garden, it's in the neighbourhood where I already live, not too dear and it has a properly-equipped kitchen and a bath! My current concerns are: might be too noisy, it's on the main road although I think from going past on the bus it must at least be set back from the road a bit, and I'm suspicious about places with baths that they will be that horrible arrangement I had in Nice where there's no support for the shower head and you have to hold it all the time. Also that it might be kind of depressing living in one room (even a 31 sq m room). However, trying to think positive! Was all cry-y at work today, that is in the 5 1/2 hours I was actually there...


  1. Wishing you lots of luck in the apartment search! I am sorry you're having a very stressful time right now and I hope it gets better soon. G sounds like a real piece of work.

  2. Good luck, Gwan! My flatmate and I are both sending you good vibes!

    Also, I thought I would be annoyed with having a bath instead of a shower, but now, I'm totally used to it, and it doesn't really bother me very much. Okay, except when I have to shave my legs...

  3. Thanks Shannon, I saw you're looking for a flatmate too, so good luck to you!


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